How to Create a Channel in MediaSpace


MediaSpace, Oregon State University’s media distribution platform, gives users the ability to restrict access to their media by means of Channels. Channels allow content owners to group media together and restrict access to that media to only a defined list of users.

This process details how to create a Channel in MediaSpace..


Step 1: Make a Channel


-       Visit MediaSpace at http://media.oregonstate.edu/

-       Login with your ONID username and password by clicking “login” at the top right-hand of the web page

-       Click "My Channels" in the top menu

-       Click "Create Channel +" to create a Channel

-       Enter a name and description

-       Determine the type of permissions you want for your Channel; They are:

  • Open: Anyone with a link to your Channel can view content in the Channel and can also add new content to it
  • Restrict: Anyone with a link to your Channel can view content in the Channel. Only members can add new content to it
  • Private: Only members can view content in the Channel and also add new content to it

-       Determine if you want your Channel to be moderated; This means only certain types of members will be able to determine what is added to a Channel

-       Click Save


Step 2: Restrict Access to a Channel


-       Once your Channel has been created, go to your “My Channels” page (available in the menu across the top) to access your Channel

-       Click the Edit link underneath the desired Channel

-       Click the Members tab

-       Click Add Member

-       Enter the ONID username of the person you'd like to add as a member

-       Determine the permissions you would live to give to this member; They are:

-       Member: May view content in the Channel

-       Contributor: May view content in Channel and submit new content

-       Moderator: May view content in the Channel, submit new content, and approve submitted content if the Channel is moderated

-       Manager: Same permissions as the creator of the Channel. May view, submit and approve content, as well as Edit permissions, modify details of the Channel, or delete it outright

-       Click Add