About MediaSpace

MediaSpace is an open source cloud based web service developed by Kaltura which facilitates the conversion and distribution of various audio and video media formats. Faculty, staff and students may upload media content themselves to the MediaSpace servers where the conversion of the content is automated.

MediaSpace is intended for distribution and not archiving. It is important that you keep your original source material in a safe place.

The content provided through MediaSpace is not password protected. Instead, privacy is maintained through a public/private process. Private content does not appear on the MediaSpace site. The responsibility to distribute the location of a private piece of content falls on the owner of that content. If the location of that content is made available to persons not warranting access, the only way to correct this is to delete it and resubmit the media.

There are no limits on the duration of media or its size, nor is there a limit on the amount of media that may be uploaded by a user. There is no cost to you for the use of MediaSpace.

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