What is a StarBoard?Female using a StarBoard to talk about statistics

Hitachi StarBoards are a type of interactive white board (IWB). What you see on your computer is projected onto the board and can be interacted with directly using the installed StarBoard software and your finger or a stylus. Some features of StarBoards inlude the abilty to write directly on the board, move and rearrange objects, and import and annotate pictures, PDFs, Word docs, and PowerPoints. 

How Do I Use a StarBoard?

This printable quick tip sheet (PDF) will help you remember what the interface buttons mean and how to use basic functions.

TAC provides StarBoard training workshops every term - check out the TAC events feed to find out when the next one will be. TAC is also happy to provide one-on-one training and in class support as needed to get you comfortable with the device. Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a training session that best fits your schedule and needs.

If you'd like to practice using a StarBoard, there is one available for open use in the Faculty Collaboration Zone located in 320B Waldo Hall.

StarBoard Locations on Campus

StarBoards are located in a variety of classrooms and conference rooms around campus. Here are a few that we're aware of:


  • Quick Tip Sheet (PDF) - This TAC provided quick tip sheet shows the functions of the StarBoard buttons and how to use some of the basic features.
  • Hitachi Training Videos - A large collection of short orientation videos, each focusing on a different feature of the StarBoard.