SMART Boards

What is a SMART Board?two people using a smart board

SMART Boards are a type of interactive white board (IWB). What you see on your computer is projected onto the board and can be interacted with directly using the installed SMART software and your finger or one of the included pen-shaped styluses. Some features of StarBoards include the abilty to write directly on the board, move and rearrange objects, and annotate directly on outside software programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even an internet browser.

SMARTBoards come with a physical tray attached that includes pen-shaped styluses and an eraser. Most boards can identify the direffence between a pen, eraser, and your finger based on the surface size contacting the board.

How Do I Use a SMART Board?

TAC is happy to provide one-on-one training and in-class support as needed to get you comfortable with the SMART Board system. Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a training session that best fits your schedule and needs.

SMART Board Locations on Campus

  • LInC 303 and 307 have 8 SMART Boards apiece. Contact the OSU schedule desk to book these rooms.
  • Furman Hall (rooms 303, 404, and 405) - College of Education has recently acquired several SMART Boards. Contact TC Duty if you are interested in booking a SMART Board equipped room.
  • Waldo 206 (Anthropology)
  • Owen 231 (Civil Engineering – Research Lab)
  • ALS 3005


  • Quick Tip Sheet (PDF): This TAC provided quick tip sheet shows the functions of the SMART Board buttons and how to use some of the basic features and geatures. (Previous version: Quick Tip Sheet (PDF))
  • SMART Tech Training: Free resources to help you learn to use SMART boards and their software.
  • SMART Tech Downloads: Install SMART Notebook software to develop your lesson plans on your own computer (even if you're not currently attached to a SMART Board).
  • SMART Exchange: Explore and download community produced SMART Board lesson plans and content.