Interactive Whiteboards

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a large touch interactive display that connects to a computer and projects the computer's screen onto the display's surface, much like a standard projector. Interactive whiteboards have the benefit of allowing directly tactile interaction through the use of a stylus, finger, or other device. This capability allows a user to draw, annotate, move and manipulate objects, and more using the board's software. These capabilities will vary slightly according to a board's brand and model.

How Do I Use an Interactive Whiteboard?

Oregon State University currently supports two brands of interactive whiteboards: Hitachi StarBoards and SMART Boards. If you would like direct training on how to use an interactive whiteboard board, please contact us to schedule a one-on-one or group training session designed to fit your needs. There is also an open-use StarBoard located in the Faculty Collaboration Zone in 320B Waldo Hall. Drop in any time.

You can find more training resources and information on the board-specific subpages of this section, accessible below or in the right-hand sidebar.

Hitachi StarBoards

SMART Boards