Blackboard Catalyst Exemplary Online Course Award (2013)

OSU & TAC's Jon Dorbolo Wins Blackboard Catalyst Award!

Award recognizes outstanding development of community best practices through innovative course design.

Corvallis, OR - June 5, 2013 - Jon Dorbolo, Philosophy Instructor and Associate Director of TAC at Oregon State University, was named a winner of a Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course Program, which honors members of the community who design and develop exciting and innovative courses that represent the very best in technology and learning.

"InterQuest: Introduction to Philosophy," launched in 1994, is one of the first university courses in the world to be fully taught on the web. In the 20 years since its initial development, Dr. Dorbolo has continually enriched the course and provoked learners into active reflection into the sources and implications of their personal belief systems.

John Sechrest and Bill Uzgalis made pivotal contributions to the InterQuest project and subsequent web courses.

"InterQuest: Introduction to Philosophy" will be honored alongside other Blackboard Catalyst Award winners during Blackboard's annual user conference to be held in July in Las Vegas. For a complete list of Blackboard Catalyst Award winners please visit: http://blackboard.com/catalyst.



InterQuest: Stand-Out Practices in Course Design [video]

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Course Road Map

InterQuest: Introduction to Philosophy course roadmap: http://disrupter.org/IQ/modules/roadmaps/course/

Visit Beaver Island where virtual philosophers contemplate real issues.

Blackboard Exemplary Course Program: http://www.blackboard.com/About-Bb/Catalyst-Awards/Exemplary-Course-Program.aspx

InterQuest participants maintain robust interaction via email and other means, including Beaver Island.  Listed here is a small selection of the philosophical letters that Jon composes for learners.


The Corvallis Gazette Tmes ran an article today, July 13, 2013 about Jon and the Blackboard Catalyst Award. You can read the article on the Gazette Times website.

Jon was also quoted in a piece published in an Albany (OR) Democrat Herald editorial, Think Too Much: The Case for Liberal Arts.