The People of TAC

Full Time Employees

Jon Dorbolo

Jon Dorbolo (Associate Director)

Leading the critical analysis of information technology in the academic world in order to influence the practical course of its development in education and work.  Jon instructs workshops on Canvas, Response Systems, and Lectureware, as well as teaching Introduction to Philosophy every term.

office 466 LInC
email jon.dorbolo@oregonstate.edu
phone 541-737-3811

Mark DinsmoreMark Dinsmore (Program Manager)

Solving tough technical problems for faculty, including multimedia.  Creating the infrastructure for TAC’s online resources, such as the TAC website which won the 2009 Hugi Award for Excellence in Academic Technology.


office 466 LInC
email mark.d@oregonstate.edu
phone 541-737-1852

Kimmy HescockKimmy Hescock (Social and Immersive Media Manager)

Designs, implements, maintains, and uses the social media, visual information, and immersive environment assets of TAC.

Areas of Expertise: visual information design/graphic design, virtual worlds, social media, mind mapping, interactive whiteboards, PowerPoint, Keynote

office 466 LInC
email kimmy.hescock@oregonstate.edu
phone 541-737-2419

Lynn Greenough (Instructional Technology Specialist)

Supports instructors with webinars and individual consultation on using Canvas and other online tools for teaching and learning. Lynn was also chair of the Blackboard Steering Committee.

Areas of Expertise: Online systems for managing information (ie Canvas), project management, adult learning curriculum development

office 466 LInC
email lynn.greenough@oregonstate.edu
phone 541-737-1035

Looking for one of our our student employees? You will find them in our new location in 466 LInC as well.