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Emergency Ride Home Program

The City of Corvallis has partnered with participating local employers, Drive Less Connect and Cascades West RideShare to administer an Emergency Ride Home program. The ERH allows users of alternative transportation to get a free taxi ride home if an emergency arises while they are at work. Alternative modes include a vanpool, carpool, bike, bus or walking. Rides are provided to the employee’s home, school site (if a child becomes ill) or emergency medical services location. OSU employees can use the program if:

  • An immediate family member suffers an emergency and the employee can’t wait for their normal ride home.
  • The employee becomes ill.
  • A serious problem arises at the daycare center or school of an employee’s child.
  • An employee’s home is damaged by fire, burglary, etc.
  • Unscheduled overtime, authorized by a supervisor.
  • An employee’s car/vanpool driver left work early due to illness or an emergency and the employee has no way to get home.

ERH cannot be used for:

  • Prescheduled overtime or appointments
  • Trips to the hospital in place of ambulance service
  • Business-related trips
  • Personal Trips
  • Non-emergency side trips

The Emergency Ride Home Program is administered through Drive Less Connect. To sign up for the ERH please sign up and log into Drive Less Connect. Click on “Commute Services” to get started. You must enroll in the program before you can use it. Once you are enrolled, log into Drive Less Connect, and go to “Commute Services” and select “Request a New Voucher.” You can use a total of 2 vouchers per year. Follow the instructions and print the voucher. Only completed vouchers will be processed. Contact a taxi company, there are a number of suggested ones on the voucher. You will have to pay for your ride, and Cascades West will reimburse you later. Make sure to keep a receipt showing the cost, mileage, date and the name of the taxi company. If the receipt isn’t available, have the taxi driver fill out the portion of the voucher that says “To be completed by service provider.” Obtain your supervisor’s signature on the voucher to verify the ERH trip. This can be done after the ERH trip. Lastly, mail the completed voucher with the receipt, if possible, to Cascades West Rideshare, 1400 Queen Ave SE Suite 205A, Albany OR 97322 within 2 weeks of the trip. You should get reimbursed.

Some important things to remember about the Emergency Ride home Program:

  1. It is administered through Drive Less Connect. Sign up here if you aren’t a member.
  2. It can be used two times a year.
  3. It can be used for up to $50 a trip.
  4. You do not need to obtain your supervisor’s signature before taking the taxi ride. You can obtain it after you return to work.

More information can be found here.

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