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Annual Sustainability Reports

Fiscal Year 2012 OSU Sustainability Report

Since FY10, OSU has participated in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS), a comprehensive measure of sustainability in higher education.  This report outlines those measurementsand other aspects of OSU’s sustainability work.  In this new standard format, annual reports will chart progress in STARS indicators starting with FY10. 

Steady progress was made toward key sustainability initiatives in FY12 and Oregon State
University is maintaining its vision to be among the Top 10 land grant institutions in America, and a sustainability
leader. One key progress indicator is a 4.2% decrease since FY11 in greenhouse gas emissions,
in alignment with Strategic Plan Phase II’s initiative to substantially reduce OSU’s carbon footprint and
President Ray’s signature to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. Read the full report.


2009 OSU Sustainability Inventory

Institute for Natural Resources

In spring 2008 the Institute for Natural Resources (INR) was asked to conduct an inventory of OSU’s sustainability capabilities. To produce this inventory, INR used a variety of sources of information, including the OSU on-line course catalogue, the OSU website, documents from units, and the Research Office’s grants and contracts data. Since the term “sustainability” lacks a precise definition and is interpreted differently by different audiences, inclusion of particular activities is not exact.

The 2009 INR report is a snapshot of the depth and breadth of research, education, outreach, and operations activities as they relate to sustainability at Oregon State University. Most of the work at OSU contributes to one or more of the dimensions of sustainability but trying to balance and link these dimensions challenges how we think and do our teaching and scholarship. As such, particular emphasis was given to: (1) activities that identify their intent or self-describe “sustainability”; (2) the areas in which OSU sustainability activities appear to link the four dimensions of sustainability—environmental, economic, institutional, and social; and (3) the identification and categorization of OSU sustainability strengths.

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