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Sustainability Office


The Oregon State University Sustainability Office is housed in Facilities Services, part of the Finance and Administration division. The Sustainability Office was formed by the creation of a full time sustainability coordinator position in November 2005. In December 2007, an additional half-time position was created primarily to support the collection and management of campus utility data. In November 2008, the half-time position was moved to a permanent full time position and duties expanded to focus on energy conservation efforts.

Functional Areas

The Sustainability Office is the primary support organization for sustainability efforts at OSU, helping facilitate and manage projects, network on- and off-campus entities, and support student, academic, research and outreach efforts. One area of focus is campus operations, while many projects and initiatives overlap multiple focus areas. Several projects and programs detailed on this website are managed or directly supported by the Office. Some activities are listed under individuals. Other ongoing activities include:

  • overseeing conservation and renewable energy projects on campus;
  • supporting campus departments and students in their efforts to become more sustainable;
  • acting as a single point of contact for on- and off-campus inquiries;
  • referring questions to proper campus experts in education, research, and Extension;
  • representing OSU administration in sustainability endeavors;
  • networking disconnected stakeholders

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