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If you drive to campus, consider sharing a ride with classmates or friends. It's an easy way to save money and free up some time in the morning.

Drive Less Connect

Drive Less Connect

If you are having trouble finding fellow OSU students, faculty and staff to ride with, there is a resource open to you that is free and easyt o use. Drive Less Connect is a three state wide (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho) carpool finding and trip tracking system.

The carpool match making system is very intuitive to use. You just enter a starting location (anything from a city to a specific address), an ending location (again, you can be as specific as you feel comfortable being) and a date and time. You can then easily see who is going your way, and one of you might be able to give the other one a ride. 

You can use the system for one time trips, such as going to a movie or a football game. You can also just as easily set up it up to be on a reccuring basis. This is a great way to set up rides to work daily or even weekly shopping trips.

If you don't have a need to find a carpool, the trip tracking calender part of Drive Less Connect could still prove to be a useful tool. You can use it to track every trip you make, whether you walk, bike, bus, carpool, vanpool or train, you can see the impact of your sustainable transportation choices. 

Another fuction of Drive Less Connect that pairs with the trip tracking calendar, is incetives. From time to time, usually at least once a month, there will be an incentive running. The incentive will have a criteria (log four trips with week, log 3 miles, log on 2 different days), once you've logged enough trips in the calandar you will be eligable for the prize of the incentive.

In most cases, the final winner of the incentive is done by a drawing between all people who finished the incentive, but occasionally the winner will be chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis or if the incentive is abnormally difficult to achieve, a prize will be given to everyone who completes it.

Below are some of the many incentives that have been run in the past.

new student incentive American Dream Pizza Incentive


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