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Valley Van Pool 

All of the lisensed vanpools that come to Corvallis and OSU are managed by a company called Valley Van Pool. They track routes and owners and help track riders. The vans themselves are either leased from vRide or Enterprise Carshare. While the van is leased to the leader of the vanpool, the paper work is done through Valley Van Pool making the process easier for people to start a route. 

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How it works.

  1. An interested individual, or individuals, will contact Valley Vanpool
  2. Valley Vanpool will talk to the interested party about the path they want to take and how many people they think the vanpool will serve.
  3. Valley Vanpool will they decide on a van that suits the group's needs.
  4. One person from the interested party will sign up as the lease holder.
    1. This person is responsible for paying for the van on a monthly basis
  5. When the van is ready to go live, Valley Vanpool will advertise the route.
  6. The individuals in the vanpool are welcome to advertise the vanpool however they want.
    1. Valley Vanpool will help you advertise if you ask them
  7. Members of the vanpool pay a monthly fee to the lease holder.
    1. Even if you don't have a full van, the lease holder is still required to pay the full lease
    2. To protect against times when the van isn't full, the lease holder will usually increase price slightly to help build a buffer.