Emergency Ride Home


If you commute to work by bike, bus, carpool/vanpool, or walking, you may be concerned with how to get home in case of an emergency. The Cascades West Rideshare Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is here to help. This new FREE service provides you a trip home by taxi ($50 maximum per trip) or rental car (150 miles maximum per trip) if you or a family member experiences an illness or emergency, including a home emergency. The service is open to anyone who works in Linn, Benton or Lincoln Counties. Sign up today! Rides are provided to the employee’s home, school site (if a child becomes ill) or emergency medical services location. OSU employees can use the program if:

ERH cannot be used for:


  1. Log into Drive Less Connect at www.DriveLessConnect.com.
  2. Click on "Commute Services" in the top blue bar. Click on "Enroll Now."
    guidelines, complete the application and submit. Your application will be processed
    and you will be notified by email of your acceptance into the program in 1-2
    business days, or sooner.
  3. When you need to use ERH, just log into www.DriveLessConnect.com, click
    "Commute Services" and select "Request a New Voucher." You can use a total
    of 2 vouchers per year.
  4. Enter the information requested on the voucher, follow the instructions, and
    print the voucher. You must complete the voucher in full for it to be processed.
  5. Contact one of the taxi companies suggested on the voucher or another of
    your choice. You will pay for the ride and Cascades West will reimburse you
    later. Keep a receipt showing the cost, mileage, date, and the name of the
    provider company. If a receipt isn't available, ask the driver to fill out the
    top portion of the voucher, which says "To be completed by service provider."
  6. When you return to work, obtain your supervisor's signature on the voucher to
    verify the ERH trip. Mail the completed voucher with receipt within 2 weeks of
    the ERH occurrence to: Cascades West Rideshare, 1400 Queen Ave SE Suite
    205A, Albany OR 97322.
    You should receive your reimbursement in 1-2

All the details about ERH are at: www.cwride.org/emergencyridehome.
Be sure to read the instructions.
Please spread the word about this exciting new program! Thanks!