Community Service Center

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The CSC connects OSU students, faculty, and staff to meaningful service learning opportunities that enhance our surrounding community.

Primary Contact:  Jessica C. Nolasco



Group Description

We are a student led center that works to centralize service opportunities for the OSU students, faculty, and staff. The CSC provides direct programming support and services to develop community wide projects that intentionally promote student learning, personal development and inclusion of all communities. The CSC works in partnership with campus organizations as well as the surrounding community to create relationships that focus on collaboration around civic service. The CSC is focused on providing meaningful service and education to further enhance the OSU experience.

Current number of group members:  Currently staffed by 5 students and 1 VISTA representative, but volunteer numbers fluctuate per project.

Group established (date):

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How to get involved:  Add yourself to our listserv to gather information on upcoming projects

Also, please stop by our office location in Snell 241 to meet with our staff!

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