Cycling at OSU

Bike Friendly University!

Bicycle Friendly University Award-Silver

OSU is one of the top ten most bike-friendly campuses in the nation, according to Best Colleges Online. The OSU ranking was partly based on the university‚Äôs location in Corvallis, which is known as the second most bike-friendly town in the nation.

One of the Most Efficient Ways to Get Around

Bicycling to work/school makes sense for a number of reasons:


  • Biking requires no gasoline and very little in the way of bike maintenance.
  • No parking permit is required to bike to school/work.


  • Biking at a pace of 10 mph burns 400 calories an hour for someone who weighs 150 lbs (from Bicycling Magazine).
  • If you bike to work for 30 minutes, there is no need to work out that day.
  • People who bike to work generally have lower health care costs than those who drive.


  • Biking produces no air pollution.
  • Biking reduces dependence on oil.

Biking at OSU

  1. Bike Parking Map (link to bike parking map coming soon)
  2. Google Maps has a bicycle option! Simply enter your start and end locations and click on the bike icon to get directions.
  3. Bike Theft Prevention
  4. Bike Registration at OSU--OSU Department of Public Safety registers bicycles for free.
  5. Bike Safety & Rules-- For more specific information, see ODOT's Bike Statutes Page.
  6. Buildings with Lockers include:
    • Dixon--free day lockers and rental lockers for $12-$18/term.
    • Valley Library--locker rentals for $10/three weeks.
    • Langton and Women's Building--Rental lockers available for faculty and staff.
  7. Buy a used bike at OSU Surplus Property
  8. Fix your bike at the Outdoor Recreation Center's bike repair facility in Dixon Recreation Center. Access to the facility is free for students; faculty, staff and affiliates can use the facility with a current Recreational Sports membership. Mechanics are available to help you maintain and repair your bike. Call the ORC at 737-3630 for the mechanics' schedule.
  9. Local Bike Shops
  10. Bike Maps!
  11. Corvallis Bicycle Collective-- The Corvallis Bike Collective is a non-profit organization, comprised entirely of volunteers and dedicated to putting safe, affordable, working bikes under all people of Corvallis.
  12. U-lock maintenance--Sticky lock? If you're having problems with your U-lock these easy maintenance tips will help.

Bike Theft Prevention

What is Your Bike Worth to You?

Bike theft is a serious, but often preventable, problem at Oregon State University. According to Bike Source Magazine, "in the US a four-year college student has a 53% chance of having his or her bike stolen during their time at school." The key to preventing bike theft is locking your bike correctly.

Which bike is locked correctly?

Bike locked near Library with cable Bike locked near Cordley with cable
1. Bike locked near Valley Library 2. Bike locked near Cordley
Bike locked with U-lock and cable Bike locked with U-lock but wheels not locked
3. Bike locked near Cordley 4. Bike locked on campus

If you said Bike 3, you are correct! This bike is locked with a U Lock AND a cable. The U lock is locked to the frame and the cable is threaded through the wheels, keeping someone from taking the quick-release wheels.

What's wrong with the others?

  1. Bike 1--A pair of wirecutters could cut this cable. It is also a simple 4-digit combination lock, which would not take a great deal of time to crack. This lock also does nothing to protect the wheels.
  2. Bike 2--Same as above. This cable is too small to really provide any challenge to a bike thief.
  3. Bike 4--This bike is locked better than the first two. The owner is using a U Lock. The problem is, the bike has quick-release wheels and there is no cable securing them.

The best way to lock your bike: A U Lock/cable combination, securing quick-release wheels. If you have to lock your bike outside overnight, such as at a dorm or apartment complex, it is a very good idea to have a thick cable on a separate lock from the U-Lock. U Locks are more expensive than many cheap cables, but they are considerably cheaper than a new bike and many come with a guarantee worth several hundred dollars if your bike is stolen while properly secured with a U-Lock. They are sold at all the local bike shops and many other local stores.

Also, make sure you have all the information about your bike: make, model, color, serial number, and a picture of it stored where it could be retrieved if your bike were stolen. Check with your renter's insurance to see if your policy would cover a bike stolen from your apartment's racks (renter's insurance costs less than your bike, too).

Watch this video to learn more about locking your bike.

Buy a Beater!

If your bike worth more than a few hundred dollars, you may want to consider purchasing a low-cost bike ("beater") to use on campus and leave your prized bike safely locked at home. OSU Surplus Property routinely sells bikes that have been abandoned or impounded and not claimed. These bikes often make great campus bikes. See the Surplus Property web site for a schedule of sale dates.

Register Your Bike

It's not required at OSU, but it's a good idea to register your bike. Registering your bike will help recovery should your bike be stolen, and it is helpful if you need Public Safety to cut your lock when you lose your key.

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