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Food Insecurity

Local Food Production

Community Involvement

President: Lori Dickerson

Co-President: Ben Dawson

Vice President: 

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Group Description

If you are interested in food in all of it's aspects, then this is the group for you. 

The group started as a meeting place and support group for students interested in working on food related projects.  Since that time we have begun a number of very successful projects that are alive and visible around the OSU campus. 

Projects include:

  • OSU Food Pantry-  We work with the USDA to provide food low-income individuals in the OSU campus and surrounding community.  We open our doors twice monthly and operate out of Snell Kitchen.
  • OSU FAT Greenhouses-  The OSU Food Action Team operates 6800 square feet of greenhouse space and provides salad greens to MU Retail and the FAT KOW.  Our greenhouses are out at the Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture. 
  • FAT KOW-  The Food Action Team Kitchen on Wheels is a prototype of a student run coop selling local, organic, nutritious, and affordable meals on OSU's campus.  We will be selling cold salads throughout spring term on tuesday's and wednesdays through week nine. 

We encourage new projects and creativity.  Bring yours to our meetings every Tuesday at 4 pm in Waldo 240.

Current number of group members: 10+

Group established (date): 2007

Typical meeting time and location: Wednesday at 7 pm at the SSC

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