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Cycling at OSU

Bike Friendly University!

Bicycle Friendly University Award-Silver

OSU is one of the top ten most bike-friendly campuses in the nation, according to Best Colleges Online. The OSU ranking was partly based on the university’s location in Corvallis, which is known as the second most bike-friendly town in the nation.

One of the Most Efficient Ways to Get Around

Bicycling to work/school makes sense for a number of reasons:


  • Biking requires no gasoline and very little in the way of bike maintenance.
  • No parking permit is required to bike to school/work.


  • Biking at a pace of 10 mph burns 400 calories an hour for someone who weighs 150 lbs (from Bicycling Magazine).
  • If you bike to work for 30 minutes, there is no need to work out that day.
  • People who bike to work generally have lower health care costs than those who drive.


  • Biking produces no air pollution.
  • Biking reduces dependence on oil.

Biking at OSU

  1. Bike Parking Map (link to bike parking map coming soon)
  2. Google Maps has a bicycle option! Simply enter your start and end locations and click on the bike icon to get directions.
  3. Bike Theft Prevention
  4. Bike Registration at OSU--OSU Department of Public Safety registers bicycles for free.
  5. Bike Safety & Rules-- For more specific information, see ODOT's Bike Statutes Page.
  6. Buildings with Lockers include:
    • Dixon--free day lockers and rental lockers for $12-$18/term.
    • Valley Library--locker rentals for $10/three weeks.
    • Langton and Women's Building--Rental lockers available for faculty and staff.
  7. Buy a used bike at OSU Surplus Property
  8. Fix your bike at the Outdoor Recreation Center's bike repair facility in Dixon Recreation Center. Access to the facility is free for students; faculty, staff and affiliates can use the facility with a current Recreational Sports membership. Mechanics are available to help you maintain and repair your bike. Call the ORC at 737-3630 for the mechanics' schedule.
  9. Local Bike Shops
  10. Bike Maps!
  11. Corvallis Bicycle Collective-- The Corvallis Bike Collective is a non-profit organization, comprised entirely of volunteers and dedicated to putting safe, affordable, working bikes under all people of Corvallis.
  12. U-lock maintenance--Sticky lock? If you're having problems with your U-lock these easy maintenance tips will help.

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