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Whether it's a one time trip or a daily commute, sharing a ride is a great way to reduce stress, save money and protect the environment.

OSU is now utilizing a new Northwest regional electronic ridematching/carpooling resource called Drive Less Connect. This secure system connects prospective drivers and riders in a way that is easy and fun.

Features of the new system include:

  • Trip calendar (generates total carbon, fuel and money savings to date, based trip modes entered)Drive Less Connect
  • Incentives for non-single occupancy trips include prize drawings
  • Find matches effectively within your specific network or sub-network
  • Links to Facebook and other social media
  • Trip mapping for local and regional trips

There is no charge to register or utilize the system, and it can be used for any type of trip!  Drive Less Connect is supported by the Oregon Department of Transportation, Cascades West Rideshare, and organizations and businesses across the Pacific Northwest.

Drive Less Connect links to Facebook and Twitter but as with any rideshare system, remember to use common sense when sharing a ride with someone you don't know. Read the full disclaimer.

How the Rideshare System Works

Once you set up a ride, the system matches other users' ride criteria to yours.  When you search for rides a list of possible matches is generated (based on similar routes and schedules), and you can then contact other users through the system.  For your security, you control what personal information is visible to other users.  A "blind email" can be sent through the system once a match is found, or you can navigate to the other user's Facebook profile and continue setting up your trip through that network.

Drive Less Connect requires you register with a valid email address.  OSU affiliated addresses (.onid, .orst., or .oregonstate) are accepted into the system automatically and system administrators can approve any other email addresses as needed.  Once registered, you pick your network (OSU) and affiliation (student, staff, faculty, etc.) and you're ready to be matched.

You can also opt to specify driving, radio, smoking and other preferences.  You can change your details at any time.

Making Full Use of the System

While finding rides on the system is simple, Drive Less Connect is a powerful tool with additional features and layers of functionality.  Some of these include:

  • Support for one-time and recurring trips
  • Real time connections with other members 
  • Calendar for any transportation mode, even if you're not sharing a ride
  • Price of fuel per trip as estimated by AAA
  • Price savings estimates based on trip information
  • A News Feed within your network, with traffic or construction updates, upcoming events, and new rewards programs.

Drive Less is supported at OSU by the Student Sustainability Initiative, Healthy Campus Initiative, Alternative Transportation Advisory Committee, and the Sustainability Office.

Safety and Disclaimer

Your personal safety is important. Please check the Drive Less Connect Frequently Asked Questions page for tips on safety and security.

The Drive Less Connect system and website are resources only.  Oregon State University does not endorse any information shared or used on this system.  Use caution when sharing contact or personal information.  Users voluntarily participate and assume all responsibility and risks associated with participation.


More detailed information about is located on the Drive Less Connect website.

If, after checking the resources listed above, you have questions about this system or trouble using it, contact Daniel Cespedes.  Please contact Brandon Trelstad if you have suggestions for how the system might be fine tuned to better meet OSU's transportation needs.

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