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RecycleMania 2012 runs January 22 through March 31

RecycleMania is a 10-week competition for U.S. college and university recycling programs to see who can recycle the most! OSU competes for the largest amount of recyclables per capita, largest amount of total recyclables and highest recycling rate (percent of the waste stream that is recycled). Campus Recycling weighs and measures all trash, recycling and compost from on campus and reports it weekly during the competition.

In 2010, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon created our own RecycleMania Civil War competition. The competition is to see which university can produce the highest per capita weight for recycling and compost combined.OSU currently holds the trophy since winning the Civil War in 2010. Lets go for it again!

For more information, check out the OSU Recyclemania webpage

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