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Welcome to the Homepage for the OSU Building Energy Challenge!

The 2nd OSU Building Energy Challenge has begun! Running the entire month of February 2011, the Building Energy Challenge aims to reduce energy consumption through the combined effects of individual action by occupants of participating buildings.  By using no-to-low cost actions such as turning off computers and lights, unplugging non-essential equipment, and replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescents (CFLs), we can significantly reduce our energy consumption.

The 2nd OSU Building Energy Challenge is complete!  Congratulations to Bexell Hall, Kelley Engineering, Property Services & Withycombe Hall for winning their respective categories! 

Total savings for the 2nd OSU Building Energy Challenge

Electricity: 14,627 kWh (approx. $780)

Steam & Natural gas: 340 MMBtu (approx. $5,350)

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