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There are many ways for students to get involved with sustainability at OSU. As the University's largest constituent group, student participation in campus development, research, events and policy enriches the student experience and helps OSU achieve excellence in best practices and academics.

Academic Programs

Sustainability Course Lists
OSU offers over 350 different courses that emphasize sustainability at OSU's main campus in Corvallis, online, and at the Cascades and Hatfield campuses. These courses attempt to link the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of sustainability.

Sustainable Natural Resources Graduate Certificate
This 18-credit online certificate is designed for all students, especially company, industry, or agency employees who desire more training in assessing and solving complex sustainability problems. Students will receive graduate-level university credits and a graduate certificate upon successful completion of the program. With approval, credits may be transferred to other graduate degree programs at OSU, and may be applied to the Professional Science Master's (PSM) in Environmental Sciences.

Sustainable Business Initiative
The College of Business provides a distinctive educational and research program focused on sustainability so that students entering the business world understand that a sustainable business meets economic, social and environmental needs.


Sustainable Energy Initiative
The OSU Sustainable Energy Initiative is a student-led group which seeks to promote sustainable energy awareness on campus and in the community. Group activities include guest speakers from industry and research, trips to renewable energy facilities, and community outreach.

Organic Growers Club
The Organic Growers Club provides students with an opportunity to gain practical experience growing and marketing plants and produce.

Solar Vehicle Team
The OSUSVT is currently designing a solar powered vehicle to compete in the 2007 American Solar Challenge and the 2007 World Solar Challenge in Australia. The group is comprised of students from many disciplines, including engineering and science as well as business and liberal studies.


Campus Recycling
Recycling offers student employment and internship opportunities in both recycling and other sustainability related areas.

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US EPA's Student Career Experience Program
SCEP provides students with paid part-time, semester-length, seasonal, or summer trainee employment with full employee benefits in a position complimenting their academic studies and career goals. Upon successful completion of at least 640 hours of work and receipt of their degree, participants receive non-competitive eligibility for appointment to the Federal service for which they have trained.

OSU students can use Career Services.

Student Life

ASOSU Environmental Affairs Task Force
As part of the Associated Students of OSU, the Environmental Affairs Task Force works with a hired student director on a self-selected set of projects and initiatives.

Student Leadership and Involvement
SLI encourages and supports the development of all students through participation in clubs and organizations.

Student Sustainability Initiative
SSI's mission is to reduce the ecological footprint of OSU and advance sustainability awareness. It is run and funded by students.

University Housing & Dining Services
Housing and Dining's Resource Conservation Management Program promotes energy conservation and responsible resource management within OSU's residence halls. Students are encouraged to use electricity sparingly, conserve water as well as recycle and reduce trash. Residents can even have their rooms green certified
Dining Services works with the Food Alliance to purchase local organic food when it's available. Dining halls also donate excess food and compost food waste.

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