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2011 Res Hall Move-Out Donation Drive collects nearly 18,000 lbs, helping the community and keeping material out of our landfill.

Each year, OSU makes an effort to reduce waste during residence hall move-out by educating residents and giving them the tools to recycle and donate as much as possible.  In 2010, we succeeded in donating an estimated 11,651 lbs of material!

Five winning writers have been chosen for “The Great Work: Re-imagining Humanity as the Planet Changes,” the first annual sustainability writing contest for Oregon State University students, sponsored by OSU's Spring Creek Project and the OSU Student Sustainability Initiative. 

The EPA estimates that 26% of the material in U.S. landfills is yard trimmings and food scraps, where it breaks down anaerobically and releases methane gas.  Campus Recycling is now offering several options for OSU departments to compost their organic waste: worm bins, compost drop points, and a trial compost collection route.

The SSI is now accepting the last of its applications for 2011–2012. If you are (or will be) an OSU student, are interested in sustainability, and are looking to work or volunteers at a professional level this summer and/or next school year, apply soon!

A recent study reported that 92% of students would prefer to work for an environmentally friendly organization.  OSU's first annual Green Career Day was held on Thursday, April 21 in the MU Ballroom.

The annual Earth Week celebration at OSU is a chance for campus and community groups to spread conservation awareness. Earth Week includes one of the biggest sustainability events of the year at OSU – the Earth Week Community Fair with with a record-breaking 63 booths this year!

The OSU Organic Growers Club is an all-volunteer, student-run, organic farming project that began in 2000 (back when organic farming was not all the rage it is these days!).  The club hosted its annual April 22 Hoo Haa! Earthday Celebration. Free food. Free transportation. Free live music. Need we say more?

Sustainability? We've been there. We're doing that. OSU has long been a place were faculty, students and staff engage their communities with actions that make a difference. Our new commercial tells the story.

Terra Magazine is your window into OSU's research. And much of what we do impacts our world in dramatic ways. read about some of the research that is leading to wiser use of our natural resources or lowering the impact of human activities on the planet.

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