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The Energy Civil War is here!

The 5th Annual Energy Civil War is from November 18-22! Join us in Dixon Recreation Center’s main cardio room on the 10 ReRev elliptical machines to empower your workout and beat the Ducks! Did you know that each 30-minute workout on the ReRev ellipticals can generate up to 100 watts of electricity? That's enough energy to power a laptop for 2 hours! Whichever school generates the most renewable electricity during the week will win the War!


Student groups, organizations, and individuals are invited to sign up for a 30-minute shift on one of 10 elliptical machines. Look for the special Energy Civil War symbol on your machine to make sure your energy is counted! This year, we’re adding a Greek Challenge. The Greek organization that fill the most slots on our ReRev machines, and the one that has the highest percent participation, will be honored as the 2013 Energy Civil War Champions!


    Sign up now for a 30-minute shift (you can pick more than one!) here: Energy Civil War Sign-up.

If you are representing a student group or organization, be sure to list your group in the comments section. If you're not part of a group but a participating individual, just list yourself as a student. If all the designated machines in the main room are full when you show up for your shift, hop on another ReRev elliptical in the second cardio room until an Energy Civil War machine opens up. You’ll still be generating power! 

The Energy Civil War is a competitive event in collaboration with Rec Sports and the OSU Sustainability Office to promote renewable energy and physical activity for OSU students who want to team build within their organizations, make OSU a more sustainable campus, exercise, and beat U of O! Go Beavs!

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