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REDUCTION GOAL: By 2012, reduce net emissions from refrigerants to no more than 300 t CO2e

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Goal Overview

In FY08, emissions from refrigerants contributed more than 250 t CO2e. These emissions resulted from the escape of refrigerants into the atmosphere, mainly from refrigeration equipment. In 2004, emissions from refrigerants were nearly 10x as high as they are today. This reduction may be due in part to governmental regulation of refrigerants, as well as thoughtful action on the part of Facilities Operations. Some of the decrease may be pure coincidence, however, as emissions from refrigerants vary wildly between years.

Progress Summary

Strategy Implementation Period
FY10 Progress  Estimated FY10 Reduction
1: Encourage alternatives to refrigerants      
2: Minimize climate impact of refrigerants      
3: Offset remaining emissions from refrigerants    

For more detail, please see OSU Climate Plan pages 31-32.

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