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Other Emissions Sources

REDUCTION GOAL: By 2012, begin to measure and reduce where possible emissions
from sources not included in the scope of the ACUPCC.

 FY07  FY08  FY09 FY10 FY12 Target

Goal Overview

The ACUPCC does not require signatories to report on or mitigate emissions from a number of emissions sources. These include emissions from:

  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Lifecycle of purchased goods
  • Construction
  • Long‐distance student travel

While not required by the ACUPCC to measure or mitigate these emissions, they are potentially significant and OSU may be required to measure – and in some cases mitigate – them in the future. While these requirements are not expected in the near
future, OSU will attempt to measure these emissions where practical and mitigate them as appropriate.

Progress Summary

General Strategies for Other Emissions Sources
Implementation Period FY10 Progress  Estimated FY10 Reduction
1: Make current process more efficient      
2: Reduce demand      
3: Lessen climate impact of emissions source    
4: Offset remaining emissions      

For more detail, please see OSU Climate Plan page 32.

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