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REDUCTION GOAL: By 2012, reduce net emissions from electricity to no more than
500 t CO2e

 2007  2008  2009 2010 2012 Target
80,503 t CO2e 31,074 t CO2e 28,543 t CO2e  42,854 t CO2e 500 t CO2e

Goal Overview

In FY08, gross emissions from electricity generation and distribution was the largest source of emissions for OSU, contributing over 85,000 t CO2e. However, due to the large purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) funded by student‐endorsed
renewable energy fee, net emissions for electricity amounted to just over 32,000 t CO2e. Electricity use has grown by 19% since 1998, the oldest year with intact data. Emissions from electricity are expected to decrease by 50% over the coming years as a result of the Energy Center.

Progress Summary

Strategy 1 Increase efficiency of electrical system
Tactic FY10 FY11  
# of projects Est. CO2e mitigated # of projects Est. CO2e mitigated  
1. Replace T12 lamps and ballasts with T8 components          



                                 Strategy 2                       Decrease user electricity consumption (conservation)
Tactic FY10 FY11
# of installations  Est. CO2e mitigated # of installations Est. CO2e mitigated
1. Install occupancy sensors 5


2. Ensure that power management on CPUs, monitors and printers is active




For more detail, please see OSU Climate Plan pages 27-28.

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