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For more detail, please see OSU Climate Plan pages 35-36.

GOAL 1: Make sustainability and climate change issues part of the classroom experience for all students.

Annual Progress Summary

Strategy Implementation Start Point
Progress Indicator
FY10 Progress
1. Incorporate elements of climate and/or sustainability into all fields of study.  FY10    
2. Make students aware of existing class offerings related to climate.  FY10 Number of courses listed online  +
3. Encourage and provide resources to faculty to incorporate material on climate change in their curriculum. Linked with Employee Development Goal 2.  FY11 or FY12    N/A

Goal 1 Progress Detail

Strategy 1: FY10 Activities

  1. OSU is currently assembling a curriculum for a sustainability double degree...
  2. A subgroup of the Faculty Senate has made recommendations to the bachelorhood core.  Some of the recommended changes include an "environmental literacy" requirement that would...

Strategy 1: FY11 Planned Activities

Strategy 2: FY10 Activities

  1. The OSU Sustainability Office worked with a committee of graduate students in summer 2009 to review and analyze an initial inventory of sustainability related courses at OSU that was based on a 2009 report by Institute for Natural Resources entitled Sustainability at Oregon State University.  Later, as part of the STARS reporting system, the Sustainability Office assembled a committee of faculty, staff and students to refine earlier work, formulate a definition of sustainability focused and sustainability related courses and create a tool for course evaluation

Strategy 2: FY11 Planned Activities

  1. In concert with the STARS reporting tool and the evaluation tool developed in FY10, the Sustainability Office will analyze and organize courses accordingly and input data into STARS and post results online.

Strategy 3: FY10 Activities

  1. This strategy is scheduled to begin in FY11 or FY12.

Strategy 3: FY11 Planned Activities

  1. Approach faculty with courses listed on the sustainability related and sustainability focused course lists to determine needs and barriers to integrating climate change related material into curriculum. 

Strategy 3: FY12 Planned Activities

  1. Investigate willingness of professors to use "off the shelf" resources such as Northwest Earth Institute discussion course material.  Assemble list of off the shelf resources that might be appropriate.


GOAL 2: Students seeking a deeper understanding of climate and sustainability issues gain in depth exposure to sustainability and climate issues by combining a deep as well as broad understanding of those issues.

Annual Progress Summary

Strategy Implementation Start Point Progress Indicator FY10 Progress
1. Students and faculty have access to in‐depth sustainability and climate related learning and service opportunities which supplement the classroom experience.  FY10    
2. Create case studies of early efforts at the unit level that can be used by other OSU units as models of how to integrate sustainability into curriculum. These case studies can include examples of ways to integrate sustainability into strategic plans, syllabi for sustainability courses, etc.       

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