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REDUCTION GOAL: By 2012, reduce net emissions from agricultural activities to no more than 2,150 t CO2e

 FY07  FY08  FY09 FY10 FY12 Target
2,404 t CO2e 2,507 t CO2e 2,410 t CO2e  2,299 t CO2e  2,150 t CO2e

Goal Overview

In FY08, emissions from ground transportation contributed almost 12,000 t CO2e. Emissions from student and employee commute, fleet, athletic bus travel, rental car mileage, and personal vehicle mileage used for business purposes are included in this category. Emissions from this category have increased by 13% since 2004, the oldest year with intact data. Some of this increase represents actual growth, while some is a result of improved data collection. Additionally, there are known sources that have not been captured in past inventories, athletics travel reimbursement for example, so actual emissions from this category may increase further.

Progress Summary

Strategy Implementation Period
FY10 Progress  Estimated FY10 Reduction
1: Minimize climate impact of animal husbandry      
2: Minimize climate impact of crop cultivation      
3: Offset remaining emissions from agriculture    

For more detail, please see OSU Climate Plan pages 29-30.

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