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Welcome to the Homepage for the 2010 OSU Building Energy Challenge!

The 2010 OSU Building Energy Challenge is over! Having the entire month of February 2010, the Building Energy Challenge aimed to significantly reduce energy consumption through the combined effects of individual action by occupants of participating buildings.  Our "significant reduction" goal was 5% below the historical February baseline.

The buildings that participatedin the 2010 Challenge were:

  • Agricultural Life Sciences (ALS)
  • Bexell Hall
  • Milam Hall
  • Moreland Hall
  • Wilkinson Hall
  • Women's Building

Congratulations to Moreland Hall for claiming the title of Challenge Champion for 2010! 

Moreland reduced its electricity consumption by over 32.5% this February compared to the historical baseline.  Way to go occupants of Moreland Hall!

Total savings for the Challenge were over 21,500 kWh or nearly $1,100 in utility savings!  Other fun stats:

  • Over 60 computers had power managent settings implemented
  • Over 100 stickers were placed reminding people to turn off lights and other electrical equipment
  • Over 50 compact fluorescent lamps and 20 power strips were distributed
  • Countless conversations started about how to continue to save energy!


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