People Power

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Featured Participants

Steve Schofiel, along with fellow employees at the Property Services building, constantly promotes awareness by making a conscious effort to turn off electrical devices not being used at the time.

David Kerr, from Moreland Hall, is very mindful of the little everyday energy savers and has also suggested ways to increase the efficiency of the temperature control for the water dispensers in the offices.

Jennifer Busick, from the Kerr Administration building, is conscious of her printing habits and always turns off the lights on her way out the door, as she heads for the stairwell.


 Aurora Sherman, from Moreland Hall, has trained herself to turn off both her computer monitor and hard-drive in a single two step process, consciously making it a part of her daily routine.


 Abby Metzger, from Bexell Hall, makes sure to bundle up in her naturally sunlit room, and is conscious of using her space heater only when absolutely necessary.

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Rae Delay, operations manager for the Property Services building, adjusted the thermostat to accommodate for the comfort of everyone, while only heating and cooling the work space when necessary.

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Charlotte Rooks, from the Kerr Administration building, is consistently conscious of everyday energy saving behavior and also makes sure to utilize the new composting system that the building has recently implemented.


Participant Pledges

I pledge to reduce energy consumption by:

  • Putting my computer in standby mode and turning off monitors @ night - CR, Kerr
  • Turning off lights when leaving office/restrooms & turning off PC at night all while encouraging others to do so as well - RF, Kerr
  • Turning off unneeded lighting, standby computer @ night - BM, Kerr
  • Not use elevator, use stairs! Walk to work all week.  Lights off, restroom.  Limit paper towels, 2 sided copies @ copier, etc. - PM, Kerr
  • Turn off lights when not needed; shut off computer at night; unplug parasitic loads - DC, Kerr
  • Recycle paper; turn off lighghts in bathroom and office in the PM; walk to/from work - GB, Kerr
  • Turning off lights, noly using one bank of lights, putting computer to sleep - KC, Kerr
  • Using strip cords & turn off nightly - KS, Kerr
  • Turning off lights when not in my office, turning my computer off at night, riding bike to work, using reusable containers, etc. - JB, Kerr
  • Turning off lights & computer more - KM, Kerr
  • Turning off everything in my work station before going home - KL, Kerr
  • Turn off lights, recycle paper & batteries; get rechargable batteries for remote access - NH, Kerr
  • 25% - LB, Kerr
  • Keeping artificial lights off except when too dark to work - CF, Kerr
  • Turning off computers & lights when not in use; turning off TV when not in use and at end of the night - KW, Bexell
  • Turning my computer on standby when working a project; turning TV on later & off earlier in waiting room - EB, Bexell
  • Turn my desk light off when at lunch or when at a meeting - NN, Kerr
  • Turning off PC and monitor at night; making sure to turn off printers & copiers at night - KL, Bexell
  • Power down equipment during weekend - GT, Bexell
  • Turning off my monitor; turning lights off when I leave the room - SB, Bexell
  • Turn off computer, screen, speakers at end of day - WA, Kerr
  • Unplugging random stuff & disconnecting 1/2 the fluorescent tubes in each fixture - Anonymous





Other Actions