Stationary Sources

REDUCTION GOAL: By 2012, reduce net emissions from stationary sources to no more than 45,000 t CO2e

 2007  2008  2009 2010 2012 Target
31,326 34,471 32,242    45,000

Goal Overview

In FY08, emissions from stationary sources was the 2nd largest source of net emissions for OSU, contributing nearly 35,000 t CO2e. Fossil fuel use for stationary sources has grown by 12% since 1998, the oldest year with intact data. The vast majority (over 95%) of emissions in this category result from the combustion of natural gas to make steam at the central heat plant.  Furthermore, a cogeneration facility that will become operational in early 2010, natural gas consumption is expected to increase by more than 15%.

Progress Summary


Implementation Period

FY10 Progress Estimated FY10 Reduction
1: Increase efficiency of the generation systems that derives energy from fossil fuels FY10 Energy Center,  
2: Increase efficiency of distribution system that delivers energy from fossil fuels FY11  N/A  
3: Decrease userā€end consumption (conservation) FY10    
4: Minimize climate impact of stationary sources through use of technologies and alternative fuels FY18    
5: Offset remaining emissions from stationary sources    N/A  

For more detail, please see OSU Climate Plan pages 26-27.