Question of the Week: Ice Cream Containers

June 25th, 2014 | Kyle Reed

cup-sun-win-meTime for our Question of the Week!

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Question of the Week

Included is a photo of a ice cream container. Around campus (excluding within Res. Halls), into what bin would you sort a ice cream carton?

ice cream carton


Ice cream containers are not recyclable on campus, and would be sorted into the trash.

Ice cream containers are not commonly collected at recycling facilities. The reason for this is due to the materials that make up the containers, as well as the problem of food contamination.

However, ice cream containers are collected for recycling at the First Alternative Co-op, who work with a recycler that collects such materials. You can learn more about what they recycle here.

And congratulations to Seema for being the winner of this week’s Question of the Week!

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