RecycleMania 2014 Civil War Results

April 10th, 2014 | Kyle Reed

The final results for this year’s RecycleMania Civil War are in! The winner of this year’s competition is…University of Oregon. This is the second consecutive year that UO has won the recycling Civil War.


Overall, we collected 238,916 lbs of recycling (plus an additional 44,333 lbs of organics in compost), and 545,871 lbs of trash this year. These results were lower than last year’s weights; we experienced a 10% decrease in total recycling, along with a 22% decrease in items composted, but we also received a 21% decrease in trash.

The decrease in items disposed of, along with an increase in student population, led to a lower per capita of what was being recycled and composted, as can be noted above. Last year, the per capita results were 16.5 and 16.7 lbs/person for OSU and UO respectively. The benefits of this lay in that our waste reduction has increased, with less material overall being thrown away.

These lower rates also led to an increase in the amount of material being recovered, with a total recovery rate of 34.2%, up from last year’s 31.9%.

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