Question of the Week: Foodprint Challenge

April 16th, 2014 | Kyle Reed

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Question of the Week

The Eco2Go program offers students a sustainable means to eat out by reducing the amount of disposable to-go containers being consumed. How much does it cost to buy into the program, and how much money do you save with each use of an Eco2Go container?


It costs $7 to buy into the Eco2Go program, and there is 20 cents saved with each use.

McNary Dining is currently in the midst of their Foodprint Challenge, where they encourage students to reduce the amount of waste they produce at the dining hall. The challenge asks students to place ALL waste (including organics, trash, and recyclables) on the dish-return trays, so that their staff may properly sort everything.

Six trash cans in the dining hall were audited to evaluate the waste produced from one breakfast that is not captured in the dish-return system. The audit found that in the trash bins, only 5% of the waste was actually trash, with 80% being compostable material, and the remaining 15% were recyclables.

The challenge also encourages students to reduce waste produced from to-go containers by signing up for Eco2Go. More information about the program may be found here.

And congratulations to Seema Mangla for being this week’s winner. Great job!

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