Question of the Week: “All in the Hall” Buildings

April 2nd, 2014 | Kyle Reed

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Question of the Week

“All in the Hall” is a pilot program starting this term, which focuses on increasing recycling by providing equal opportunity to recycle or landfill waste. In which buildings has this program been implemented in?


The program is currently in Cordley, Gilbert, Gilfillan Auditorium, and Weniger.

The aim of the program is to increase recycling by pairing all trash receptacles with recycling, to provide an equal opportunity to properly dispose of waste. Trash cans have been removed from the classrooms, and replaced with hallway units to allow for this goal to be achieved.

The bins will be audited throughout the term. More information, along with future results of the audits, may be found here.

And congratulations to Iza Petek, the winner of this week’s Question of the Week!

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