Third Climate Change Conversation to be Hosted Tomorrow

March 10th, 2014 | Paige Thompson

Content adapted from Debra Whigbes

Seven Steps toward a More Sustainable Household

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 11th at 7:00 PM

Place: Corvallis-Benton County Library (645 NW Monroe)

Feeling helpless about climate change and don’t know what to do?  Consider this. Seven experts will talk about how good it can be on the path toward a low-carbon footprint.  Each presenter will briefly outline their topic, to be followed by a break-out session where audience members can seek more information from individual experts. The following presenters will teach and inspire us about how to make practical and meaningful changes in the areas of energy, consumption, gardening, transportation and simplifying our lives.

  • Sustainable Consumption – Babe O’Sullivan’s (Eugene’s Sustainability Liaison). Babe will focus on the front end of the consumer cycle, explaining how choices and behavior changes can make a huge difference in reducing the impact of what we buy.
  • The New Landscape – Owen Dell, RLA, ASLA (Landscape Architect). Owen will discuss home gardening and sustainable landscaping, connecting it to community, energy use, and food security.
  • Alternative Transportation – Glencora Borradaile (OSU Assistant Professor) & Michael Gretes, (Researcher, OHSU). This couple both have successful careers yet choose not to own a car.  They will extol the importance, economics, the lifestyle enhancement and joy of not gaining 3,000 lbs.
  • Simplicity – Dr. Steve Cook (OSU Senior Instructor).  Steve will explain his simple and sustainable lifestyle and will share his rewards, successes and challenges along that path.
  • Your Ecological Home – Skip Wenz (author of “Your Ecological Home”). Will give a positive vision and the future benefits for those householders who take home and apply these and other easy and sustainable changes.
  • Household Energy— Brandon Trelstad (OSU’s Sustainability Coordinator).  Will highlight the amazing energy reduction possible with informed appliance choices, with a special focus on the exciting new heat pump water heater that uses dramatically less energy.
  • Solar Energy: Julie Williams (founder of Seeds for the Sol).  Solar energy is the most expansive and economical shift for a long term energy source.  If we help each other transition to solar energy, today, we can stop getting ready for the apocalypse and begin our true willingness to live a fair, just, and beautiful life.

For more information contact Debra at dwhigbes@gmail, or 541-554-6979.

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