Resident Hall Recycling Competition results are in

February 25th, 2014 | Kyle Reed

The Resident Hall Recycling Competition has come to an end, and the results are in: Halsell emerged the victor, finishing the competition with 3.63 lbs of recycling per person.

The scrap trophy that Halsell gets to keep over the next year.

The scrap trophy that Halsell gets to keep over the next year.

Following in second and third were Bloss and West, with 2.92 and 2.86 pounds of recycling respectively.

Every res. hall will receive Inter-Hall Challenge points dependent upon their placement in the final results. Likewise, a trophy will be awarded to Halsell during the RHA General Assembly on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

Lasting from Feb. 1 through Feb. 21, the competition sought to divert recyclable items from the landfill by encouraging students to think about what they were throwing away. At the end of each week, the pounds of recycling per student were recorded, and results were posted in the dining centers, as well as the res. halls themselves.

The Res. Hall competition was a part of a nation-wide competition known as RecycleMania, where universities from across the US compete to see who can recycle the most.

A variety of waste reduction-related events will run each week alongside the competition. We hold the Res. Hall competition each year to help teach and encourage students to think about what they are throwing away.

Further details regarding the Res. Hall competition and RecycleMania may be found on the RecycleMania website.

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