RecycleMania Hall Recycling Competition has begun!

February 3rd, 2014 | Andrea Norris

RecycleMania 2014, an 8-week Civil War and national recycling competition, launched Saturday and with it began the 4th Annual Hall Recycling Competition.

The annual Hall Recycling Competition, started in 2011, will run for the first 3 weeks of RecycleMania 2014 – February 1-21. The competition is an opportunity to motivate residents to up their game on recycling at the start of the competition – and hopefully through the end of the term and beyond!

Rankings are based on total pounds of commingle and glass recycled per person in each hall (cardboard recycling and building trash will not be included in the competition). Results will be updated daily on Campus Recycling’s Facebook page and website.

This year Weatherford Hall is defending the 2013 champion title. The 1st place 2014 winner will receive the champion trophy and every hall will win Inter-Hall Challenge points (with 3rd, 2nd and 1st place rankings each having proportionally more points awarded)! See the table at right for ranking points.

Which hall do you think will recycle the most?

Learn more about RecycleMania 2014 here.

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