College of Ag Sciences announces new bioenergy minor

February 6th, 2014 | Brandon

Are you interested in alternative ways to create fuel? The new bioenergy minor within OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences provides students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a growing and diverse field.

Woman Researcher

Addressing the need for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels is a society-wide issue with potentially large rewards. Solving this problem is dependent on people to drive innovation, commercialization, and operation of next generation biofuels technologies. Needed skills include discovery science, feedstock development and production, logistics, pilot-scale and commercial-scale industrial conversion, business and marketing, education, economics and social sciences.

The minor is open to all majors and provides:

  • Scholarships (up to $1000 a term; Deadline Feb 21)
  • Research & Internship funding
  • Excellent employment prospects

This research-based interdisciplinary minor provides an introduction to bioenergy concepts and issues, and a significant research experience. Apply soon!

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