Question of the Week: Products of Recycled Bottles and Cans

January 15th, 2014 | Kyle Reed

bottle-20 ozTime for our Question of the Week!

The first person to respond with the correct answer will win a reusable 20 oz OSU water bottle!

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Question of the Week

According to our Behind-the-Scenes blog series, redeemable bottles and cans at OSU are most commonly made into what five products? (Hint: This was covered in our Behind-the-Scenes blog series last year.)


  • New aluminum beverage cans
  • New plastic bottles
  • Polyester carpet fiber
  • Filler for insulated clothing and bedding
  • Clothing

Redeemable bottles and cans collected at OSU are sorted out at the Motor Pool from other containers. You can watch a video of the process by clicking here.

You can also click here to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of bottle recycling at OSU, or to find other installments in the series.

And congratulations to David Severns, who won this week’s Question of the Week on Facebook.

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