OSU student study sustainable business practices in Corvallis

January 16th, 2014 | Brandon

In spring 2013, Dr. Hilary Boudet’s class of public policy graduate students embarked on a partnership with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition to help answer the following question: How can the Coalition encourage local businesses to implement more sustainable practices? The class also addressed questions of defining what a sustainable business practice looked like.


A primary purpose of the study was to identify the incentives and criteria that will support the Coalition’s goal of fostering sustainable practices in the local business community.  It also examined barriers to implementation and the sustainable practices currently employed by Corvallis businesses.  To accomplish these goals, the class conducted case studies of sustainable business programs in similar communities and completed surveys and interviews with local Corvallis businesses.

Key findings indicated that recycling, community involvement, reduced resource and product consumption and local product sourcing were implemented in Corvallis businesses.  Challenges included lack of materials availability, difficulty with product sourcing, cost limited control over leased – rather than owned – building space.

Check out the in depth report and PowerPoint presentation on the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition’s website.

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