OSU Resident Hall Compost Pilot Program

December 12th, 2013 | Alaina Hawley

The OSU Resident Hall Compost Pilot Program will start its second year at the beginning of the 2014 Winter term. This year the resident halls that will be participating are Halsell, West, and Wilson. As the Eco Rep for West Hall I have the opportunity to observe the program in my hall and it’s looking very optimistic. Upon assuming my role as the Eco Rep I immediately began receiving inquiries about composting and ways to get it into our hall. In order to relay information about the program to a wider audience, we held an event featuring Andrea Norris from Campus Recycling and Kyle Night from SSI.

Compost Pilot Program

Thirty West Hall residents attended the Compost Program Information event and learned all about the composting program, as well as proper recycling habits all over campus. Our West Hall Compost Competition, which challenges the floors to get the highest composting participation percentage, was also introduced. The competition is our way to stimulate the residents of west hall to learn more about composting and help reduce the amount of compostable materials that make it into landfills each year.

So far West Hall has 14 rooms signed up to participate and we predict this number will only increase as the word about the program spreads. Unfortunately, composting programs are not established in all residence halls yet, but it is the goal to eventually expand the program to each and every one of them.

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