Welcome the 2013/14 Eco-Reps!

November 8th, 2013 | Paige Thompson

This year the OSU Sustainability Office hired three new Eco-Representative for the second year it its pilot program.  This program was developed with the goal of hiring resident representatives to carry out sustainability programming and outreach in the resident halls.  Including the Sustainability Office, Eco-Reps are supported by Campus RecyclingUHDSRHA and SSI and work with multiple departments and organizations on campus to meet sustainability goals.

Eco-Reps are responsible for advancing and institutionalizing a culture of sustainability in the residence halls in which they live. This includes:

  • Educating residents about sustainable lifestyles and resources
  • Sharing campus and community sustainability resources
  • Assisting with marketing and outreach efforts for sustainability programs already established at OSU(like Drive-Less-Connect, Energy Civil, Earth Week, Campus Conservation Nationals, Campus Move-Out, etc.) as well as self-created events (keep an eye out for these).

Three Eco-Reps were hired.  Alaina Hawley was chosen from West Hall, Chris Galiszewski was chosen from Wilson Hall and Michael Link was chosen from Halsell Hall (From right to left in the photo).  If you are a resident in one of these halls, please take some time to drop in on your Eco-Rep to learn more about how you can get involved in campus sustainability.  You can also volunteer with your Eco-Rep to support programs and project.  If you are interested in being an Eco-Rep, make sure to apply next fall!


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