Take Charge of your Carbon Emissions This Fall

October 21st, 2013 | Brandon

The OSU Sustainability Office and Energize Corvallis have teamed up to help answer some burning questions.

http://energizecorvallis.org/takecharge/campuses/images/actions_categories/38-match-pan-to-stove-size.jpgDid you know that by placing a 6-inch pan on an 8-inch burner you are wasting about 40% of the heating energy being used to prepare food?  …or that properly inflated tires save about 3% of your fuel use, the equivalent of saving about $0.12 per gallon?  How about this one: refilled ink cartridges use up to 80% less energy than making new cartridges.  The average printer cartridge can be refilled 5-7 times, and up to 97% of the material that printer cartridges are made of can be recycled.

If any of the items mentioned above apply to you, or if savings of carbon, money and natural resources are of interest, join Campuses Take Charge this fall to challenge yourself to 3-5 carbon reducing actions. There are even categories of actions specific to OSU students at large or in residence halls.

Registration is very simple and at the end of a one month period, we’ll ask for your feedback about your energy saving actions, and then mail you the exclusive Take Charge Coupon card featuring great discounts on local businesses.

Thanks for taking charge and helping OSU demonstrate further leadership in sustainability!

One Response to “Take Charge of your Carbon Emissions This Fall”

  1. Ralph Reed says:

    My idea: Change the computer programming of the lighting in the Linus Pauling Science Center, so that lights do not stay on 24/7, and
    so that light immediately adjacent to 20 foot tall window do not run in the daytime.