Fiscal Year 2012 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory is Now Available

September 4th, 2013 | Paige Thompson

by Sonja Mae

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Fiscal Year 2012 is now available on the OSU’s Sustainability Office webpage.  A Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory is an annual report produced by Sonja Mae, Sustainability Program Specialist, and Brandon Trelstad, Sustainability Coordinator.  A Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory is a collection of all measurable and verifiable data for emissions from natural and anthropogenic sources from OSU including all the research stations and extension offices.  The inventory is broken down into three standardized reporting scopes.  Scope 1 includes emissions that are owned and controlled by the reporting entity.  This includes emissions produced by the Energy Center, on-site incinerators, OSU owned vehicles as well as gases emitted by living animals!  Scope 2 includes emissions from purchased emission sources like electricity from the local utility.  Scope 3 includes emissions that are not directly owned or controlled by the reporting entity, but are related to its activities like employee travel, commuting and solid waste disposal.

The inventory also includes offsets that are either produced or purchased by the university.  The inventory helps OSU track emissions relative to population and real estate acquisitions from year to year and guide the development and implementation of the OSU Climate Action Plan.  Below is a summary of annual comparisons.  You can view the full report on the Sustainability Office webpage by clicking here or click here to go directly to the report.

Scope Graph

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