Energize Corvallis introduces Going Ductless! Campaign

May 31st, 2013 | Paige Thompson


Energize Corvallis recently launched a new initiative to increase local energy savings. Going Ductless! brings community members together to learn about the comfort and energy savings of ductless heating and cooling technology,  buy ductless heating and cooling systems, and enjoy the savings from their bulk purchasing power. In tandem with this outreach campaign, The Heat Pump Store (serving local areas), is leveraging incentives and their own $200 instant rebate to bring final costs down to as low as 20% of the standard ticket price of their ductless systems

Indoor ductless systems are usually mounted high on a wall and controlled by a small remote control.

Indoor ductless units are usually mounted high on a wall and controlled by a small remote control.

The effort is based on bulk purchase programs focused on solar that have increased the number of solar installations by 100-500% and brought costs down significantly across Oregon and the nation. Now, on account of Energize Corvallis, Going Ductless! is piloting that model for energy efficiency in Corvallis.

Why is going ductless more energy efficient than using your current heating and cooling systems? It’s simple. A ductless systems allows owners to heat or cool a room or space individually, rather than an entire house. This decreases costs and increases efficiency!

Those who are interested in cutting their electric heating and cooling costs by 25-50% can attend a free informational workshop held by Energize Corvallis. The first workshop will be held at the Corvallis-Benton County Public library on Monday, June 17th and will run from 6-7pm.

More information can also be found at: http://energizecorvallis.org/learn-ductless/ The website includes a schedule of upcoming workshops, contact information, and links to resources on ductless heating and cooling systems.

If you would like to contact The Heat Pump Store directly, they can be reached at 877.509.2961 or you can visit their showroom on 6775 SW Philomath Boulevard in Corvallis.

Stay cool and energy efficient this summer… Go Ductless!

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