Community Solar Survey – respond by Apr.15!

April 3rd, 2013 | Brandon

As announced at the Sustainability Town Hall on March 14, the Energy Action Team (EAT) of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition has decided to pursue a community solar project as its next undertaking in 2013.  This supports the Action Team’s goal of increasing local renewable energy production to offset fossil fuel usage.  However, there are many ways such a project could be pursued, and all require significant community interest and engagement to be successful.

Solar graph

EAT has developed a short survey to help guide its efforts.  If you are at all interested in supporting community solar, regardless of whether you could install such a system on your own property, please take a few moments to complete this survey.  This will be enormously helpful in developing a successful project!  And please feel free to forward this to any Corvallis residents who might be interested.

PLEASE RESPOND BY MONDAY, APRIL 15 and thanks for your participation!

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