Global Warming: Changing Course discussion group starts April 2

March 25th, 2013 | Brandon

Northwest Earth Institute discussion courses are a popular way to engage in locally-relevant conversations about the topics of our time.  More than 130,000 people worldwide have participated in their discussion courses!

Beginning April 2, a Global Warming: Changing Course discussion group is starting in Corvallis at the Unitarian Fellowship Hall, NW Circle and 29t St.  Course materials are $15.

Designed to be self-facilitated by groups of six to 12 people, the courses help spark conversation, reflection and action leading to real change within your life and community. Participants in this four part discussion course will:

  • Explore personal values and habits as they relate to climate change
  • Deepen in understanding of the history and science of global warming
  • Consider both individual and community level actions to curb global warming.

For more information, visit the NWEI website or contact Karen Josephson at or 541-738-2872.

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