Sustainability Office Now Accepting Student Applications for Energy Project Technician

February 4th, 2013 | admin

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The OSU Sustainability Office seeks a student employee to scope and implement energy conservation projects and execute related programmatic tasks. The Sustainability Office is part of Campus Operations, the department responsible for development, construction and maintenance of OSU’s physical infrastructure.

Work schedule can be somewhat flexible depending on the student’s needs, but must remain responsive to workload. The successful candidate will work 10-20 hours per week during the academic year and 20-40 hours per week during summer, depending on workload, performing the following:

  • Become familiar with construction processes in Campus Operations in order to plan and help manage energy and water conservation projects.  This includes:
    • Retrieve and review construction documents from the OSU Plan Center
    • Inspect projects, attend construction progress meetings, review submittals
  • Read OSU utility meters monthly, requiring extensive movement throughout campus and access to mechanical rooms, roofs and other restricted areas
  • Perform field work like pipe insulation, CFL installation, small equipment installation/modification, etc.
  • Survey buildings for conservation opportunities
  • Suggest process improvements for existing resource conservation programs

Nick Somnitz - Energy Project Student Technician

Applications for this position are accepted through Thursday, February 7th.

For the full position description and information on how to apply, click here.

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