Start Composting in Your Department!

January 8th, 2013 | admin

Did you know that Campus Recycling offers composting in departments and buildings on campus? Throughout the term, we’ll be outreaching to students, staff, and faculty to expand this program. Here’s what you can do, as staff/faculty or a student:

Staff & Faculty

1. Sign-up for composting in your building

There are two main options for departmental composting:

  • Join the collection route, in which building occupants are responsible for dumping their organic waste into an outdoor compost cart that we service.
  • Receive and maintain a worm bin, provided to people who want to manage their own compost and keep the finished product.

Visit our department composting page for more information about the program. To sign-up for composting in your department, fill out our online department compost request form.

2. Attend the “How to Compost in Your Department” Luncheon

Learn more about the program by attending this January 23rd luncheon. Registration is required in order to receive a free lunch; register here.

3. Reach out to other departments

Are there other departments in your building who have a separate break room? They might be interested in composting as well. We encourage you to reach out to staff and faculty members that you know, in your building and elsewhere on campus.

4. Become a Sustainability Advocate

If you’d like to encourage composting and sustainability campus-wide, you can join the Sustainability Advocates program.


1. Talk to your academic department

Is your academic department composting? You can check our list of current department composting participants. Faculty and staff are often receptive to students’ suggestions, so speak up!

2. Talk to staff

Do you work on campus? You can encourage your department to start composting (see #1 under Staff & Faculty for how).

3. Live in Cauthorn, Halsell, West or Wilson Hall?

If you live in one of the four residence halls listed above, you can participate in the new compost pilot by signing up with your Eco-Rep! If you don’t know who he/she is, talk to your RD. More information and updates are on the program’s Facebook page.

For information about our department composting program, visit our website.

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